6,450 words of unbroken text: when longer copy works

The throwaway ‘tl;dr’ acroynm – ‘too long, didn’t read’ – encapsulates common wisdom about the value of longer passages of text. In a networked world overbrimming with information, the narrative goes, people don’t want, and

Seeing clearly: a brief introduction to classic style

Classic style is a mode of writing that is widely used but rarely identified as a distinct style. Perhaps it’s so ubiquitous it’s hard to see. According to Francis Nöel-Thomas and Thomas Turner, whose book

Style: getting over the fear of the blank page

Style is the principal technique writers use to overcome the dread of the blank page, or the empty screen with the blinking cursor: that austere white landscape able to paralyse us with its infinity of

Clarity, style and content: three elements of good writing

This is a blog offering advice for businesses, organisations and individuals interested in presenting information clearly and persuasively through the written word. It isn’t about creative writing, though the techniques used by novelists, poets and