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Pineapple Power

How the Government’s forthcoming green power white paper may boost prospects for a new venture seeking to invest in vanadium flow batteries

Client: Total Market Solutions

Block Energy

I redesigned and rewrote the content for the website of an exploration and production company serving Georgia’s energy market

Client: Block Energy

Hurricane Energy

The rise and fall – and possible rise – of an oil and gas independent seeking to bring revolutionary drilling technologies to the North Sea

Client: Total Market Solutions

Learning Ursula Le Guin’s Pravic: can we think without language?

What comes first, thought or language? Some notes on the philosophy of language with reference to Le Guin’s great science fiction novel The Dispossessed.

The polluters pay — including us: a programme for getting to Net Zero

Dieter Helm’s latest energy transition manifesto puts a carbon tax at the centre of a programme for navigating the path to a carbon-neutral economy

‘Ecological Leninism’: on waging war against the common cause of corona and the climate crisis

A ferocious polemic by Andreas Malm summons the imagery of Soviet war communism to impress the urgency of acting against the runaway extraction that links corona and climate